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IPI Stories for Young Readers Distribution

Now in Japan!


I.P.I. (Independent Publishers International), Japan's leading distributor of language teaching materials from around the world, has officially released Stories for Young Readers, Book 1 and 2! We're thrilled that teachers will now have these textbooks available at local bookstores!


Purchase from David Paul's ETJ Book Service for special discounts!

Stories For Young Readers_Valentine

Bring Your Classroom into the 21st Century!


If you're unsure how to bring technology into your classroom, we have some perfect activities to get you started! These kid-friendly jigsaw puzzles are now available on Google Slides! Play on any device, anywhere and any time! And no picking up puzzle pieces ever again! Click here to learn more!


Our most popular Bingo games, like Animal Bingo, Flag Bingo, Easy Number Bingo, are also available! It's so easy to download and get started! Check out the full selection here!

Stories For Young Readers_Valentine

ESL Giga-Bundle!


You'll save 40% with this bundle of ESL materials for high school through adult English classes! Included are textbooks, flash cards, charts, activity sets, and worksheets! Click here to learn more and save!



41 Flash Card Activities


Need an activity refresh with your flash card sets? Thrown into a class with no idea what to do? Time at the end of class you need to fill?


Look no further.


Check out our latest blog post that lists 41 Flash Card Activities you can start using in class today.




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