Back To School!

Teachers are getting ready to go back to school!  That means preparing your classroom!  Donald’s English Classroom has a few items you may be looking for!

The Back To School Sale is coming soon!  I’ll be announcing the dates as soon as they are released!

Bring Your Classroom into the 21st Century!

If you’re unsure how to bring technology into your classroom, we have some perfect games to get you started! These digital activities are now available on Google Slides! Play on any device, anywhere and any time!  Click here to learn more!


Our most popular Bingo games, like Animal BingoFlag BingoEasy Number Bingo, are also available! It’s so easy to download and get started! Check out the full selection here!

A Finnish Education

How is it that Finland achieves such phenomenal results in its educational system?  Documentary filmmaker, Michael Moore, traveled to Finland to find out! The answers are unbelievably simple.

Where To Invade Next (Finland Schools)

Who's moving to Finland with us? #BeRemarkable

Posted by Remarkable on Sunday, May 7, 2017