Beginning Adult English, Book 2


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  • 165 pages
  • Exercises students in simple past, past continuous, and future tenses
  • Includes Q&A, puzzles, and extensive grammar review
  • Clear, grammatically simple, and direct language
  • Perfect for reading comprehension, writing, and conversation


These are the ESL worksheets you’ve been looking for! Beginning Adult English Readings and Exercises 2 is a graded series of worksheets for true and false beginner students studying English as a second language (ESL/EFL). These worksheets practice students in simple past, past continuous, and future grammar. Included are questions, grammatical explanations, exercises, and puzzles for beginning students. The worksheets present English in clear, grammatically simple, and direct language. Teachers can utilize the stories, exercises, and grammar lessons in a variety of ways, including reading comprehension, writing, and conversation. Most importantly, this series has been designed to extend students’ skills and interest in developing their ability to communicate in English.