Phonics & Spelling, Book 2


This is the black and white PDF download page for Phonics & Spelling, Book 2Click here for the color version.

  • 173 pages
  • CVC word practice
  • Reading and comprehension step by step
  • Introduces easy sight words
  • Practice writing a self-introduction, colors, likes and dislikes


Teaching kids to read is easy! These CVC Phonics & Spelling worksheets introduce young ESL students to reading, writing and spelling in English. Step by step, students learn to phonetically sound out and spell words in a CVC pattern and to read simple sentences. These worksheets introduce CVC words first in upper case and then lower case letters. If you want to start your kids off with lower case practice, click here for the Special Edition. The exercises also teach students easy sight words, how to write a simple self-introduction with likes and dislikes, and colors.